About Us

About Us

T&H INTERNATIONAL is an international group of agricultural company providing high quality products and services for every customer. The headquarters of the company is located in Seattle (USA).
As one of the core divisions of T&H International, T&H Packaging is specialized in production and export of baler twine, net wrap, silage wrap and other packaging products for agriculture. T&H Packaging cooperates with the largest hay producers around the world, including the US, Australia and Canada.
Our company’sphilosophy is built around the idea of making farmers around the world enjoying their work by providing them with top-quality products, reliable services and constant support.


Key Milestone of Our Growth

Why Choose Us

Production line of full set German equipment

Warrantee for quality performance

Accept customized strength size and color

Products are exclusively designed by our own R&D team in WA, USA

Membership of National Forage Testing Association (NFTA) of USA

The main manufacture around the world produces HD PP baling twines

Our excellent supply chain system creates a more efficient and cost effective logistics network,which can save time and money

Comprehensive depth experience from years of market exploring in main agricultural countries like USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

We owned farm in WA, USA, that made us much more skilled and experienced about agriculture and final using than others

T&H Market Distribution