Posted Apr 18, 2017 by Th_info

Do you have ever questioned  that baler twines and wire ties  which is better. Here we shared some perspectives from Andrew who has a strong passion for straw bale construction. If you have the  same question,  you can get at least one point of view after reading this blog.

The reality is that there are advantages and disadvantages on both sides of the question. I do have a preference though, and that is for poly twine over wire. The main reason for this is that the poly twine is much easier to work with. It cuts with a knife. It doesn’t cause damage to my tools (or me personally) if I mistakenly hit it with a chainsaw, etc. It is soft and flexible, yet strong. It really makes everything easier.

Wire ties on bales have one distinct advantage over poly twine and that is that they make the bales incredibly tight. The baling machine is able to get the bales much more dense with the metal ties so the uniformity of the bales is improved as well. If you don’t plan to modify the size of many bales in your project, then perhaps metal ties are the way to go. If you are willing to work around the potential danger of using wire and the hassle of retying bales with it, then it could very well be a good match, especially if wire tied bales are what are most readily available in your area.

In my view, I prefer poly baler twines, and  it’s important to note that not all twines are created equal. There are several different grades of poly twine meant for different uses. Correct poly baler twines could help your work more efficiency.